I have started reading The Hunger Games

Yes, last person on the internet to do so. I am just over 100 pages in. 

  1. Katniss is a Grade-A 100% BAMF.
  2. So is Cinna
  3. From just watching the trailer and listening to some fandom talk I was not expecting to like Peeta as much as I do.
  4. He still has a silly name.
  5. Haymitch is a pretty fucking tragic character. I feel so terribly for him.
  6. I ship Katniss — with Madge.
  1. academicgamer said: Not the last! I haven’t read them either. Probably will sometime, but give it at least two years, given the state of my to-be-read shelf.
  2. cosmicastrogazer said: I still haven’t read it don’t feel bad. …Should I read it?
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